08 July 2020

Word jij onze nieuwe collega?

Wij zijn op zoek naar 2 nieuwe collega's! CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER (DUITS) CUSTOMER CARE OFFICER (FRANS) Functie Zorgen voor de klant, dat is wat je wilt doen. Samen met een sterk team, dat werkt als...
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02 June 2020

Alsico High Tech is now partners with PP4C!

Get to know more about our company by reading our page on the PP4C website: https://www.pp4ce.com/partners/alsico-hightech/
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09 September 2019

Discover our new Cleanroom ESD brochure!

We developed a new complete range for micro electronics. All according to IEST-RP-CC003.4 Recommended Practice, applicable to ISO 4 classification according to the Cleanroom Standard ISO 14644-1 and...
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09 July 2019

Discover the new ESD socks!

By wearing the ESD sock together with your standard Alsico High Tech ESD garments you improve the conduction of static electricity between the body, the ESD safety shoe and/or the ESD uppergarment(s)....
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13 June 2019

Alsico High Tech donates 670 operation gowns to Hospital Without Borders

Hospital without borders is a non-govermental organisation which collects medical equipment and distributed it to the most impoverished care centers around the world. Instead of throwing out our left...
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18 March 2019

New Tube Cleanroom Socks !

Discover our new cleanroom socks, made according to the last revision of Annex 1 of the EU GMP. 2 variants: Thick sock = 150 DEN/288 filament Thinner sock = 167 DEN/48 filament Both are made of...
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15 October 2018

Teambuilding 2018

Last week we were honoured to go on our annual teambuilding. This year’s location was Marrakesh (Morocco). It has been a rewarding experience for the whole team to meet our local contacts, to visit...
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19 September 2018

Come visit us at Lounges on Tour Vienna and Berlin!

Come visit us at the Lounges on Tour fair! 25-26 September in Vienna - booth W36 9-10 Oktober in Berlin - booth B60 At our booths you can take a look at our wide range of cleanroom and clean area...
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05 September 2018

Alsipharma Shield, our solution for maximal penetration resistance!

With our new fabric Alsipharma Shield , we achieve 6 main goals; creating a bacteria-and virus barrier in your cleanroom, protecting the wearer against penetration of liquids and desinfectants,...
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17 July 2018

Think circular with Alsico High Tech and Dutch Awearness

With Dutch Awearness we produce 100% recyclable clean area garments. We design and manage the flow of goods and services. This contains the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-progress...
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